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Do you ever remember that I bought a Surpasshosting ONE LOVE TWO power plan last year and started blogging in English? (Former domain name of this blog was pengjiayou.com, it was moved to pengjiayou.com in Oct. 20th last year) Surpasshosting provided me a high quality hosting service neally free of charges, but it’s a great shame for me the IP of my account server was blocked in China when this blog was started some days later, then I refunded.


Surpasshosting will have another One Love 3 promotions this year too, One Love for Three Days – February 14th through 16th! You can purchase the Power shared hosting plan and only pay $1 for the entire year! That’s your best present for your Valentine‘s day. If you want to start a blog for youself or your sweetheart, buy a domain and pay Surpass for one year of hosting, that’s very cheap!

This year, if you buy One Love 3, Surpass will mail a free sticker to you after you sign up. Put the sticker on your laptop, notebook, houseplant, pet or even your forehead! If you’d like to show Surpass a photo of your sticker’s new home, they would love to see them posted in their community forum! It couldn’t be any better.. Isn’t it?

Sign up during Feb. 14 through 16 here http://surpasshosting.com/one-love-2009.php

BTW: I will have to buy a Flickr Pro account on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget!~

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