A blog reminder service by brompt.com

Having a hard time staying on top of your blogging? Tired of being asked by friends, family or editor why you haven’t written anything in a while? Wish someone would jab you with a sharp stick every so often and say, “Hey Sanjay [if Sanjay is your name], how about you blog something!”? Other than the sharp stick, we can can help.

Brompt is just such a service that will remind you if you don’t blog for a long time. Brompt uses your blog’s RSS Feed(or any RSS feed) to check the last time something new was posted. If it’s been a while, they’ll send you an email. It’s so simple and useful to avoid your lacking of blogging interest.

Just input your RSS Feed adress here http://brompt.com/signup , and your Email address to configure Brompt to send you a reminder if you don’t post every day, every week or every month. Turn on extra-nagging if you’re really bad. Do it! Your mom will thank you.

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