Charles PengHello, everybody, my name is Charles Peng, owner and author of Charles’ English Blog . This is one of my personal blogs written in English, I mainly tell people best Amaon daily deals, my digital life, my foreign trading experiences, as well as my favorite Debian/Fedora Linux system, and/or whatever I am interested in.

I started this English blog four years ago in the hope of practicing my English, and, to express myself… It’s so regret I was so lazy and I wrote only few posts each year. If you like this blog, please add my blog url to your browser’s favorite or click and subscribe my blog feeds on the top right of this blog homepage with your favorite RSS reader.

I am now working for a small company called Hsiendai Co., Ltd, which concentrates on selling different kinds of GOSO and Lishi automotive locksmith tools and other lock picking tools. We also launched a store on aliexpress this year which trys to deliver cheap but high-quality products from China to the world. 🙂

Charles Peng

Charles, 28 y/o, majored in English at college, working now as a foreign trading salesman. He aims to bring the most competitive and high quality products to his worldwide customers. He is also an enthusiast on Google, Web 2.0, and Ubuntu/Fedora Linux, as well as the amazing Mac OS X operating system. He writes in both English and Chinese languages:

Charles’ English Blog: https://pengjiayou.com
Charles’ Chinese Blog: https://pengjiayou.com

Charles likes tweeting, taking and sharing photos, writing down his thoughts on this tumblog (or Sina Qing as an alternative) or other microblogs. His most favorable mobile device is Apple iPhone 4, and his favorite app includes Momento, Instagram, and etc. He is dreaming his business grows larger and larger, and he’s working hard towards this goal 🙂

pengjiayou. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

This is his online photo stream , you can see other of his photos here. If you need, you can contact him anytime by leaving him a message here.

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