Another wordpress problem resolved

I own two wordpress blogs, apart from this blog, I have another one, which is in Chinese and it is hosted in China, the blog is using Blogging Pro theme, I installed all the required plugins and it works fine, and i like it so much, before i bought this new domain name and a new host from 3ix, it is my only blog, and I renew it everyday.

This new blog, Make Money Online Blogging , is currently using the same plugins as which installed in the old blog. And they are using the same version of wordpress, (the latest version 2.3.2) Only the theme is different, but I met a very strange problem when I actived a new plugin called WP-PageNavi 2.20, this plugin can add an advanced page navigation for wordpress for selecting indivual pages instead of just the previous or next page. Because I really live the nice navigation bar instead of the old “Previous page” and “Next page” links.

After the activation of this plugin, everything is just fine, but after a post published, I viewed my blog, i saw a very ugly look, which is the wordpress default theme, so ugly, I dislike it so much. Why the theme changed itself, I often met this situation before with my old blog, that really drove me crazy. For a long time, i’d asked many people who are using wordpress for their blogs, but no solutions, i have to change back my theme my self.

Until this evening I uploaded and actived WP-PageNavi 2.20 plugin, I finally got the answer why the theme changed automatically, it is the PageNavi plugin that caused this trouble, but why? I don’t know, as i know nothing about PHP, i am english major and computer and blogging is just my interests, i can only change a little for the plugins or theme so that it fits me well. and i really busy these days as i have no time to check, i am busying doing my business. Maybe it is the compatibility of so many plugin in using that caused this problem, i think.

The only way to solve this problem, is, just to replace the PaveNavi plugin with another one which have the same or similar functions, I search on Baidu, and I finally found a new plugin called Pagebar, after actived it, it looks very good, and have a strong function as PageNavi, but it has different CSS, and looks more better than PageNavi.

I have replaced with the Pagebar plugin for hours, everything is fine until now. I hope so, and if the theme doesn’t change automatically tomorrow, it shows that my effort is correct. That’s what I want actually.

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