Brizzly, a perfect web based Twitter client

Brizzly twitter client

Brizzly is a web-based Twitter client, one of the best one in my point of view. It’s still in private beta, requiring invitation code to sign up, you can submit your email address here and wait to be invited to join in. I got to know this because a Chinese Twitter user Young Yang introduced it on Twitter with a invitation code in the other day. I’ve checked it out over the last week, and have really come to enjoy it.

Brizzly has a very good user interface, brings you the best tweeting experiences. You can publish your tweets (tell others what you’re doing or thinking), read messages which contain “@YourTwitterUsername” (@ messages), read tweets you marked as “Favourites”, and read/write direct messages to other Twitter users. You can also search tweets or people you follow, manage the people you are folloing  in groups. All these features come in one place, and, with multi-twitter account support. It’s quite useful.

Share your photos on Brizzly

Brizzly is not just a Twitter client, but it’s also a photo sharing service based on Twitter: You can upload your own photos to Brizzly severs and publish the photo link along together with any message you enter and share it out on Twitter between your followers. This is a very good service that I prefer, instead of twitpic, but all-in-one.

Brizzly realtime stream feature

Another reason why I prefer Brizzly so much is its real-time stream feature, if a new tweet contains a link with videos or images, or you uploaded a photo to Brizzly sever and published it, Brizzly will automactically recogize it’s source link and embed it and displays the images or video together with your tweets you newly published or new messages published  by the people your are following. (as far as I know, I’ve confirmed that brizzly displays photos from YFrog and TwitPic and that it pulls in YouTube videos.)

Brizzly automatically resolves shortened urls. For example, when you post a tweet on brizzly with a long url, brizzly will automatically turns it into a shortened url; On the other hand, if the one you’re following posted a shorted url on Twitter, when Brizzly displays it to you, it will reconvert it to the full long url.

In one word, Brizzly is a very good web-based Twitter worthy for you to have a try. Please try to be invited first 🙂

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