Are You Addicted to a Website?

Are you addicted to a website?

Have you ever been addicted to a certain website? You visit this website again and again for times a day, and this habit makes you very hard to concentrat on your work? If so, try KeepMeOut, KeepMeOut is a very simple online severice which is, I think, very helpful for you to break the habit of visiting a certain or any other websites.

KeepMeOut is very easy to use, just input the URL of the website that you’re addicted to, and, bookmark the new KeepMeOut alias in your broswer, when you want to visit that site, you visit the bookmarked URL, KeepMeOut will not allow you to visit that site again if the time not expired as you told it…

Google China’s Netcafe Homepage

I haven’t been to any netcafes because I have my own laptop, I run Fedora Linux and connect to the internet with a Huawei EG162 USB mobile broadband modem. The netspeed is really limited, and I can’t even download large file and see a movie. Today is Saturday, and I don’t need to go to work tomorrow, so I came to an internet cafe nearby to see a movie online.

But when I opened IE7 browser trying to type a website address to download a P2P software, I saw a different Google China (谷歌 logo. This is the default homepage of IE7 in this netcafe computers on , which seems to be Google China cafe edition.

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