Brizzly, a perfect web based Twitter client

Brizzly twitter client

Brizzly is a web-based Twitter client, one of the best one in my point of view. It’s still in private beta, requiring invitation code to sign up, you can submit your email address here and wait to be invited to join in. I got to know this because a Chinese Twitter user Young Yang introduced it on Twitter with a invitation code in the other day. I’ve checked it out over the last week, and have really come to enjoy it.

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I was lonely here again

Linda was my classmate when I was studying in XFU, and we worked in the same city after graduation. I always went to her school on Sundays where she worked in the last months, we went shopping in supermarkets, climbing on the hills around her school, or going to parks in her city… That’s the most happiest time for me working in this city during the last years.

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Are You Addicted to a Website?

Are you addicted to a website?

Have you ever been addicted to a certain website? You visit this website again and again for times a day, and this habit makes you very hard to concentrat on your work? If so, try KeepMeOut, KeepMeOut is a very simple online severice which is, I think, very helpful for you to break the habit of visiting a certain or any other websites.

KeepMeOut is very easy to use, just input the URL of the website that you’re addicted to, and, bookmark the new KeepMeOut alias in your broswer, when you want to visit that site, you visit the bookmarked URL, KeepMeOut will not allow you to visit that site again if the time not expired as you told it…