Web Hosting Reviews (Hostgator and Bluehost)

Hi, there, this is Charles, glad to see all of you here. First of all, I have some questions to ask you: do you write blogs? Do you have a personal blog? And where is your blog hosted? Is your blog Hosted in a BSP (Blog Service Provider, like WordPress.com) or your self-hosted? This is a review of the best web hosting companies, which can help you to pick the right hosting company, if you want to have a  personal self-hosted blog or your own like me.

Compared with any BSP blog, for example, http://pengjiayou.wordpress.com, you have a personal domain name of your own, like http://www.pengjiayou.com , this is your personal identification on the whole net, because it is unique. As you know, both wordpress.com blog and my blog are all driven by WordPress blog software, but things are quite different, you don’t have full permission to do things you want on wordpress.com, however, if you download wordpress software and upload and install to your own personal hosting, you will have the ability to do whatever you want (upload and backup files, upload and active any wordpress themes or plugins, backup your blog posts … etc). What you need is just a personal domain name and a comfortable, high-quality, fast and secure web hosting service. Here we go!

To register a domain name of your own, is a quite easy thing, I recommend GoDaddy or DomainSite, these are my current domain names providers that I like,  type a name you prefer, and then search, if it’s not regsited, fill in your own information and make payment, and the domain is yours! (Please don’t walk away, if you register one of the hosting companies for one year which I recommend below, you will get your own domain name free of charges, and you can also get some money returned from me, this is not a joke, that is to say, your first year of self-hosting will be more cheaper, please go on).

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Bad Credit Loans

Do you ever have problems getting a loan because of your bad credit loans before? Nowadays, more and more people are facing a problem of their bad credit record. They can hardly get a property and financial support, which make their living more difficult.

But here is a good news for those who need a bad credit loan, I know a great site which called BadCreditOffers, badcreditoffers.com, it offers bad credit loans. You can get a credit loan here no matter how bad your credit is. They offer credit cards, home loads, auto loans, and personal loans to meet your different requirements.

Badcreditoffer.com compiles the top offers each day, consumers can apply for the offer that’s right for them, and by making payments on time they can start down the road toward rebuilding their credit and, perhaps, their financial future.

Monetize your site with Smorty


Smoty is another Pay Per Post service, which is connecting advertisers and bloggers. If you are currently monetizing your site, especially by writing paid articles or reviews, I greatly recommend all of you another service provider called Smorty.

Smorty = Money

Publishers will pay you when you write in your own blog your opinion about their products or services,  Smorty is just a platform for blogers and publishers, for one thing, publisher find bloggers to advertise on blogs,  by writing reviews for them. For another thing, bloggers can find what can write there, and get paid.

How it works

As I told you above, you grab an opportunity and then write your own post and get paid. But before you get started on Smorty, your blog(s) must meet these requirements.

  • Your blog(s) must be indexed by Google and Yahoo.
  • Your blog(s) must be older than 3 months.
  • Your blog(s) must not contain any violent, hate related and adult related content.
  • Your blog(s) must be active and have a history of minimum 2 new entries per week

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