We lost JOBS!

Steve Jobs

We lost Jobs today (Oct. 5th, 2011). Steve Jobs is the Chairman of the Board of Apple, which he co-founded in 1976. Apple is leading the consumer technology world with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, its family of iPod media players and iTunes media store, and its Mac computers and iLife and iWork application suites. Apple recently introduced iPad 2 which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices.

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Hsiendai has a mailing list now, please subscribe our mailing list, so that you can always be notified about our company news, new products, and our promotion information, as well as our hot selling items on our Ebay store or even more…

Hsiendai newsletter is hosted by a Chinese provider, so part of the language is Chinese, so I am writing this step-by-step guide to help you subscribe our mailing list, here we go.

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Step 1: Input your email address in this url , and click the blue “确定” (means OK) button.

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Hsiendai Starts Online Shipping on Ebay

Hsiendai Co., Ltd

Hsiendai starts an online store on Ebay today, currently the store is still in Alpha, but they’re working on the store and will add more items and customize the store at a soonest time. Hsiendai always concentrates on selling different automotive locksmith tools, and it has gained great reputation from its worldwide customers with its best services.

“It would be a new start and a new challenge for us to start direct online selling to the US customers”, says Hsiendai store co-operator, Ms. Tracy Zheng. “We have no enough experience on online selling as for so far, but we want to give it a try, by selling on Ebay USA, and we are planned to add products on other Ebay sites like Ebay Australia or Ebay UK in the future.”

Currently the store has only a few locksmith tools posted, more of them can be shipped to the US free of shipping charges. I guess there will be more and more products added. Hsiendai supplies high-quality & low-cost products chosen from best of the best Chinese suppliers. All products in the store are strictly inspected by dedicated stuffs, absolutely cheap, and definitely good quality. Happy shopping with Hsiendai!

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Bababian is a most well-known Flickr clone, one of  the best photo sharing and image hosting service provider in China. I just purchased a paid service there tonight, in the purpose of celebrating my success in the job interview in a company in Huangyan this afternoon.

I was so happy when the interviewer told me that I passed his oral English test (to test my ability of comprehensive language application), even if I didn’t do a perfect job answering his last question “to describe what kind of a person I am”… I thought and thought for an answer for quite a long time, failed and almost lost my mind.

What kind of person I am? What characteristics I own? How to introduce myself briefly? I really have no answer about these questions. “Let others evaluate you”, an idea came to my mind. “Uploading all your photos on the net, and collect other people’s impressions about you”. A photo sharing website is needed, and I finally bought this PRO account for myself.

Upload all my photos to the internet, and record my life by photos, and give myself a beautiful memory, this is the value of the 38.8 RMB (which used to pay the PRO account). I have a plan, to keep a diary in a certain period of time by writing a post in my English blog, including text and images which hosted in the paid account, to finally converge a life journal of my career in the new job position in the new company.

And some years later, when I read these journals again, I will have a chance to tell myself that all my efforts and hard work in the whole job career as a foreign trading salesman wasn’t a waste of life.

Meizu M9

Meizu M9, the most anticipated smartphone of the year in China. Known to us as an Apple iPhone 4 killer. The Meizu M9 comes with a 3.6-inch multitouch display screen (resolution 960×640 same as iPhone 4), and the device is measuring at 59.8*113*11mm. It supports three types of 3G networks, WCDMA, CDMA and TD-SCDMA. The phone is powered by a 1GHz Samsung C110 processor with 512MB of RAM, includes Android 2.2 OS, 5 megapixel camera (with auto-focus), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a micro SD card slot. It also has TV-out, and a 1350 mAh battery. These specifications and features brought to you at the price of only RMB 2380, the wisest choice of my next smartphone. More news are here