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My ex boss asked me for password of my MSN (aka. Windows Live Messenger) today, (it’s also used as my primary email box contacting with my customers during the past years), before paying me salary of the last months, and, after my resignation for almost an entire month, when all of my customers’ goods were sent out (orders received before leaving his company) by myself.

I already gave this password to him, that’s say I lost control of this MSN/Email completely as from today, and, I will also have no connection with Tongda any longer, any more emails coming from the email address are not written by myself. (My name is Charles Peng). I will fully quit this business of buying/selling/trading transponder keys/key blanks/remote keys, etc.

Had been working in Tongda for almost 3 years, I was very tired and completely lost all my interests on keys. I am very much fed up with these items, and will not deal with it any more. I had a long rest for the last month, and will probably do the same thing continuously this month… I will have to make a decision where to work/what to sell after September. God bless me.

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  1. Hi,

    This is Deepak Chauhan.

    I want to know the price of transponder key shell and transponder.I am interested to buy these thing

    With Regards

    Deepak Chauhan

    Baba & Sons

    Pune (M.H) India


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