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I am so happy to announce the luanch of my new forum Charles’ Readers Community for all my blog readers. This community is a forum based on bbPress. bbPress is a very good forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress. It’s very ease of use, ease of integration, and speed. What’s most import is that it’s very light-weighted and powerful enough with add on features through its extensive plugin system.

Just because it has so many features to meet my requirements, and, it’s also a work of WordPress developer team, it can be easily intergrated with my WordPress blog, it became my readers’ community software.

Although bbPress is very good with so many features, it’s not powerful enough, we can add some plugins to add more features, there are a great number of plugins available for different add on features. I downloaded and uploaded some,  now you’re able to add bold, colored text, insert pictures and smilies, disply online users, etc (more here)

I added some forums already, like Blogging/Internet, Fedora News, FOSS Software as well as a Random form for any topics and different needs.

I think forum is a very good place to discuss something, although you can add comment at the end of this blog post, but you can’t start a post here and let me reply you. (my blog doesn’t allow :grin:) It’s better if we have a place to do so, anyone are welcome.

Charles’ Readers Community:

This forum has been intergrated with my WordPress based blog, if you registered in my blog, you can log in with the username and password and they share the same cookies too. So please register in my blog or just register in the form.

Thank you so much! And don’t forget introduce yourself here .

BTW, I added Google Analytics tracking code on both of my blog and forum, so all visiters’ can be tracked.

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