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The IM-MYTH report by Russell Brunson is a free resource that exposes the typical internet marketer to the tactics used by real businesses that make millions of dollars a year by not putting all their eggs in one basket.

Inside you’ll learn…

* The the money is NOT in the list. The money is in the XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX.

* How to suck the buyers OUT of your autoresponder, and contact them in a way that will guarantee 3-4 times more profits with less work!

* How to get your subscribers to finance all of your marketing, so it won’t cost you ANYTHING (you’ll actually get paid just to market to them)!

* The “covert” offline follow-up system I’m using that trumps ANY email system in readability and response.

* Ninja offline marketing tactics that humiliates traditional direct marketing methods (One of these methods set my customer help desk ablaze with people asking, “How’d you do that?!”)

* All of our secret resources and vendor list of people that do ALL of this work for me (and they’ll do it for you too – many of them for FREE)

* Pictures and examples of what is and isn’t working now in our business.

* The answer to the IM-Myth…

* And much more!

Just enter your name and a valid email address and your other information below to get 100% free access to the IM-Myth report.

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