Earn Cash by Writing SponsoredReviews

Do you want to Earn cash by writing honest reviews about any products or services? If your answer is yes then join SponsoredReviews.com, A quick and easy way to earn money on your blog.

SponsoredReviews.com is the the first paid-blogging system to allow advertisers and bloggers to be both passive and proactive. Advertisers can post opportunities to attract bids from bloggers, or they can search through bloggers profiles and purchase reviews directly.”

Each time you write for a review, you will get 65% of the bid amount. You can write reviews in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience’s interest. If the advertiser approved your bid for USD100.00, you will earn $65.00 and the remaining goes for SponsoredReviews.com. If your site has a good page rank, you can bid for a higher amount on each advertiser and you can even earn more than $200 per review.
Payments for your reviews are paid via PayPal twice a month. You can view your current earnings and next payment schedule in your account home. SponsoredReviews.com only send their payments and commissions via PayPal. If you are located in the Philippines, You can now send and receive payments via PayPal. Signing up is easy and quick, all you need to have is a valid email address.

In SponsoredReviews, you have control on your reviews and best of all they have a huge number of products and services to review. You can also join their affiliate program and earn up to $175 for each advertisers you refer or $5 for each blogger who joins SponsoredReviews.com. Payouts are based on money spent by the advertiser and money earned by the blogger. Referral payouts will be made once per month and will be added to any payouts for completed reviews. You have endless payment and commission potential earnings at SponsoredReviews.com.

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