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How time flies, A new week is coming, but in my mind, we just celebrated our Chinese new year, celebated Lantern Festival, spent my awful date of birth, but it’s already been March 1st today, that means we have passed 1/6 of the entire year. I’m alraedy 24 years old now, I don’t know how fast my rest of life will be spent.

Last week, I finnally sent all my orders out, but every order with some items left, which can’t be able to go through Chinese customs, that’s a great headache to me. I hate this job, it’s hard to get an order, and the goods I’m selling has a great problem at customs in any country too. A large order of mine was still held at the US customs without any solutions, I’m still worried about that.

Life is boring, doing so many things repeatly again and again, and almost all things I’m doing here is not smoothly. I hate my job, I hate my life, but anyway, I’m here this morning still in the office at my desk.

Life is hard, but, I will do my best and enjoy everyday as a holiday.

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