Fedora 10 安装指南翻译完毕

经过一夜一天的奋斗,My-guides.net 上面的 Fedora 10 Installation Guide 文章已经翻译完毕了,感谢 Fedora-zh 中文社区 的几个朋友帮忙翻译和校对!

更新 (@2008年11月29日8:45分)昨天又制作并发布了一个 Fedora 10 中文版安装及配置常见问题解答(PDF文档),请大家前往下载!~

有朋友说,在他的 PDF 阅读器下字体发虚,不过在我的 Evince 下感觉一切正常!~

晚上回来对下午几位 Fedora-zh 中文社区同仁的校对文件检查、修改了一下,现在好像没发现什么问题了。对 PDF 移动了一下位置,现在放到我 胡作非为 的博客的主机去了。同时,正在向 my-guides.net 管理员申请中~~


我已经用中文替换了 Fedora 10 Installation Guide 原文网站编辑器生成的 HTML 文件中的英文内容为 简体中文,原文增加了 Plymouth 的部分,我翻译成中文了,但 PDF 没有进行修改,现在 My-guides.net 网站上已经发布了此文章的简体中文版,请大家到原作者的网站上查看简体中文版:

http://www.my-guides.net/en/content/view/126/26/ (推荐)

仍提供旧版的 PDF 下载,下载地址:http://code.google.com/p/fedora-zh/downloads/list


昨天晚上给 My-guides.net 的原作者发邮件,他们允许我们在网站或者博客,或者论坛上分发上面的 PDF 文档,但是请不要修改该 PDF 文档,必须保留原文作者的链接!!!请尊重别人劳动成果~~


This is a copy of the following message you sent to Nikos Nt. via my-guides.net

This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.my-guides.net/en from:
Charles Peng <linux.usrs@gmail.com>

Hi, Nikos, I’ve translated your great article Fedora 10 Installation Guide into simplified Chinese in PDF document, which you can download it from my web https://pengjiayou.com/magazine/Fedora_10_Installation_Guide_Chinese.pdf .

We want to publish it in my blog https://pengjiayou.com for free download, maybe we want also make it public for download on Fedora-zh forum http://bbs.fedora-zh.org or some other blogs to promote Fedora in China.

Your article is very useful for Fedora beginners, so I wonder if we can do like that…

(I promise we ONLY send PDF copies out)

My-guides.net 作者回复内容如下:

Hello Jia You,

I hope this is your correct email. I am axel, the owner of
www.my-guides.net and the writer of the Fedora 10 Installation Guide of
this site. I see that you and your team translated it very fast! My
congratulations for your work! 🙂 (Just to clarify it, here is no ironic
or hostile tone on this.)

Unlike all the previous attempts of translating my Fedora 9 and other
guides to Chinese without a reference I see that you have a reference on
my site in the very first page of the pdf respecting my authoring rights.
Thank you for that.

I would like to ask you if you would like me to host the translated
version of this guide in my site as well as a complete web page. Of course
there will be a reference to you and your blog in the beginning.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
www.my-guides.net administrator

PS: If this isn’t Jia’s You email please me inform to look for it again.
Thanks in advance.

我在 PDF 放上了原始出处,作者允许我们分发这份 PDF 文档,我也回复邮件告诉他,发布这个简体中文译文在 My-guides.net 上,共同推广 Fedora 10,


This is Charles, and Jia You’s my Chinese name… Thanks for your prompt reply.

I’m sorry because I saw from your site my-guides.net contact page, there’s a admin called Nikos Nt. , that’s why I just emailed to him.

Thanks for your permission to allow us to publish the PDF copies of your translated work for free download.

And please host it a copy on my-guides.net to be a Simplified Chinese version, I hope it would be helpful for us to prompt Fedora in Chinese speaking countries…


Charles Peng

Axel 回复邮件如下:

Hello Charles,

there is a problem with our mail forwarding system so we didn’t read your
mail. Now I’ve checked it and it’s there. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Linux is freedom. I couldn’t say no to you.

I will need a little help from you just to check that the Chinese encoding
is correctly supported from my site. Do you have an msn messenger id? If
yes add xxxxx@hotmail.com to tell you how to check it.

Oh, I don’t know Chinese at all. Luckily there is google translate! So if
you want send me a translation of this to add it at the top of the guide.
You may alter it if you don’t like it. Just tell me what it says.

“I would like to say many thanks to Charles from
https://pengjiayou.com/ for translating this guide into Chinese. A
great help for all Chinese speaking Fedora and Linux users. Thanks again

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Axel 让我加他解决他网站上的中文编码的问题(他的 MSN 我已经替换过了,防止垃圾邮件),他发给我原文的 HTML ,我花了几个小时协助,用简体中文替换了原文的英文部分。我编辑完成之后告诉他:

Hi, Axel,

I’ve edited the html file, and sent to you attached, please download the attachment first.

The text are currently in UTF-8 encoding, I think your site is already UTF-8 encoding too… it means your site has no problem adding Chiese characters.

If you can’t see Chinese words in Gedit, try Kompser (I am sorry I forget this word, it’s a HTML Editor for Linux)

Copy&paste the content in fedora.txt file to your site online editor… will work fine…

The title for the Simplified Chinese version should be: Fedora 10 安装指南 (copy&paste it)

I think the HTML file is error free, I didn’t test it on your site, I’m sorry.

Please let me know when you put it on yoru site, I will have a check…


BTW: I’ve translated the Plymouth part…


他回复说简体中文的 HTML 正常。还说他会在 My-guides.net 的首页 Tab 上放上该文的推荐,而且,在 fedoraforum.org 上放上该文链接。

Hey Charles,

I just checked your html file. Great work. I paste it in the editor and it
works like a charm. The only problem is that the Article title doesn’t
accept Simplified Chinese. It seems we will have to stick with the English
title “Fedora 10 Installation Guide in Chinese”. 🙁

You can check the guide in this link:


If you check it and it’s ok I am going to put a link for this guide in the
English version as well, as long as in the first page in the tab of
I will also post it in the fedoraforum.org in the thread I post all my


Any other ideas are accepted!



Hi, Axel, it’s just ok,

Please do whatever you like, as it’s yours, actually.

I saw both your site, and your thread on fedoraforums.org

Thanks for you hard work on promoting Fedora.

I will try as much as I can to drive all traffic to the Chinese version on your site…

I recommend to change the title to Fedora 10 Installation Guide (Chinese Guide) or Fedora 10 Installation Guide (in Chinese), how do you think about this? (for your reference ONLY. You make up the decision)



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