Fedora Chinese Blog Union

Hello, eveybody, I set up a Fedora Chinese Blog Union at Feedsky (a Chinese feed burner) this morning. It’s a group for Chinese fedora bloggers to share their Fedora skills and/or experiences with other Fedora fans, so as to promote Fedora in Chinese-speaking countries or areas…

We encourage all Fedora users to write their own Fedora-learning skills and knowledge they gained in their blogs and share with others in the whole Chinese blogosphere.

We warmly welcome all Fedora users from China Mainland, Hongkong, or Taiwan or other Chinese-speaking countries or areas to join in the Fedora Chinese Blog Union (Both Simplefied Chinese and Traditional Chinese blogs are permitted)

Before you join, please burn your blog rss with Feedsky, please ensure all your blog RSSes are Fedora related, and then submit your feedsky-burned feed here http://network.feedsky.com/fedora to be approved.

We suggest you creat a new category in your wordpress-based blog, and burn the category blog entries rss with feedsky,  or combine your feeds if you have muliti-blogs with Yahoo Pipes (you need to burn the yahoo piped feed with feedsky too)

Fedora Chinese Blog Union is just a collection of all Fedora feeds, and combine these feeds into one, and it outputs a feed, and you can subscrible, in this way, you can communicate with others in a better way and learn a lot from others.

For more information, please visit Zh/Communicate wiki by Ambassadors Bbbush and Pengjiayou.

To join in Fedora Chinese Blog Union, visit http://network.feedsky.com/fedora or subcribe the union RSS here http://network.feedsky.com/fedora/feed

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