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A Fedora Chinese Ambassador and core member of the Fedora Chinese User Group, Mr Yuan Yijun (User:Bbbush) organised a meeting on #fedora-cn IRC channel on Oct. 17th. They discussed how to promote Fedora in China through different activities, and determined to set up a forum for all Fedora Chinese users.

After this meeting, Mr Yuan created another fedora activity group on Google, and organised an executing group to accomplish these objectives I said above, I joined in, and other 4 fedora fans joined in this executing group too (6 in all),  for the past week, we dicussed a lot with each other in fedora-activity mailing list, and a lot of problems were soled perfectly. Everything went well.

For years, there’s no Chinese Fedora-only forum or bbs in China, it’s maybe the main reason why Fedora is not so popular in China. What we are doing is just cover this shortage.

We determined at last to use http://bbs.fedora-zh.org as our Fedora Chinese User Group Forum domain name from several candidates, “Fedora-zh” means both simplified and Traditional Chinese, and a “.org” domain is more suitable for us. For forum hosting service, I shared my Bluehost, and installed a vBulletin software myself, thanks to bluehost, our forum is very fast in different areas in China.

Currently, our forum is still in “Beta”, we make a lot of changes everyday, we added different forums for different Fedora users (Fedora newbie, Fedora expert, Fedora developper) to meet different needs, we are also improving vBullentin itself to meet our requirements. It needs more longer time for us to open to the public.

I did nothing because I was so busy these days after the forum was installed. I loged in just now, and found we already have a large number of registered members. Thanks for all your support.

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  2. Charles,
    I've been a Fedora user since core4 and live in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. Unfortunately my written Chinese is very weak and my spoken is pretty miserable as well, (I'm an English teacher and get paid to speak ENglish so my Chinese remains weak). Nonetheless I have been an avid Fedora (and other nix's) supporter for the last few years and would like to help however I can here in China. You can write me if there is something I can do

  3. @Jim Alley You're a foreigner teaching English in China, right? I'm Chinese, I learned some English on campus and now working as foreign trade salesman. I just started to use Fedora 9 from May this year, you can be my teacher, while I can teach you some Chinese. I've just added you to my Google Talk.

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  5. Hi, just registered today, can someone give me some suggestions on which ebooks or guides are good for newbies like me?

  6. Goodday I'm new here

    And it looks like a great forum, so just wanted to say hello! :):):)

    And looking forward to participating.

    Going on vacation for a few days, so i'll be back

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