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Google Talk is one of my favorite and most frequently used IM software except QQ ( A chinese IM for keeping conneciton with my friends) and MSN (IM to talk with my customs worldwide for business), I mainly use it to talk with other Google Fans, who like a clean, light-weighted, ads free IM software with a great number of new features.

Although Google Talk has its own features compared with any other IM softwares, it’s not enough sometimes, for example, you can’t even send smilies to your friend in Google Talk PC edition. (you can do this with Google Talk Gadget)

Another big shortage is, you can’t find another Google Talk user, add & chat with him in Google Talk. To talk someone, you must know his GTalk account (Gmail address) first, it’s sometimes not so convenient.

While, with GTalk Profile , you can easily find other Gtalk users near you, or any other places in the whole world, to add them and make friends with them.

You can click on the map to navigate to your country, a lot of GTalk users will be displayed on the right. And ou can also search with your city name. Click any user’s name, his personal introduction, interest, as well as his gtalk account will be shown at front of you eyes, you can then determine to be friends with him or not on Google Talk.

While, to be indexed on Google Profiles, you have to creat your profile first, then other Gtalk users can find you, I tried to add my own profile

But when I submit, it failed, I tried in other browser, like firefox and Google Chrome, all failed, and didn’t try agian. And… the maps can’t be loaded properly under Firefox browser when I search with my own City name. It seems Gtalk Profile is still in beta, so if you find any bugs, please feed back to them to improve. 🙂

Google™ Talk user map:

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