Gilouche Theme for Gwibber

Gilouche Theme for Gwibber

Gwibber is an open source microblogging client for GNOME developed with Python and GTK. It supports Twitter, Jaiku,, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, and RSS, it has much more great feature than another of my favorite and frequently used Twitter-only client called Mitter.

I always launch Mitter when I log in my system, because I’m a heavy user of  Twitter. And Mitter requires all my demands, simple and fast to load friends’ tweets under my EDGE mobile broadband. But, recently, I always met some large avatars of some twitter users, twice as it should be. It made my Mitter window very ugly.

Although I knew and installed Gwibber for so long a time, I seldom used it, it has an default theme which I dislike, and, it loads and sents my tweets very slowly. But I can’t bare the large avatars problem any longer, what I can do to solve that problem, is to unfollow that large-avatar twitter user, that’s what I don’t want.

Thanks Google Reader, I saw a nice-looking Gwibber theme by chance, downloaded Gilouche 0.2, untared it ~/.local/share/gwibber/ui/themes/ , and actived it, so nice. I like this dark theme so much.

Well, in the Fedora software repositories, we have 3 choice of a Twitter clients that you may like. Try to install by run yum install gwibber mitter twitux, there will be one that fits you.

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