Google Chrome for Linux will be released soon?

Google’s web browser Chrome has been released for more than 2 months, it’s a great shame for our Linux users because it’s for Windows only, and we had little news about its Linux version, which driven our non-windows Google fans crazy.

Cnet news editor Stephen Shankland recently got lots of emails asking when Google will release Chrome for Linux version, he’s a Google observer and passionate opensource projects supporter, and he’s anxious about it too, so he asked Google programmers.

And Google replied him soon: Google is applying themselves to develop Chromium (Chrome’s opensource project) for Linux, but they want to collect more feedback from Chrome Beta (on Windows) users, so as to improve its Linux version browser. We have to keep waiting…

Obviously, Google, the Internet’s leading search engine provider, doesn’t make any promise so easily.

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  1. Google chrome web browser as we know is an open source technology for windows.Unfortunately it used the windows classes which need restuructred or reused to get effect with linux core c++ libraries.I hope that some of our wonderful coders who helped creating the world's most wonderfull and the successful system would develope the Chrome system soon.

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