Hello, guys, this is Charles’ English Blog, if you have any problem when reading my posts, or if you have anything to say to me, just leave a message below. I promise I will reply you as soon as possible as I see your message.

Can’t wait longer to be replied?! Please email me to pengjiayou at hotmail dot com, or add this email to your msn, thank you so much. 🙂

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  1. And what about all of this? I mean what bussines and so on. I tired to read a lot of letters 🙂 What is your job Charles Peng? Sorry for my terrible english. 🙂 I have no money for Oxford 🙂

    1. Hi, I'm sorry to reply you so late. I was majored in English, and my English is not good either. I'm currently working in a small company selling keys to buyers from other countries.

  2. Hi charles, what are you doing now?? i have bought you so many times key blank and another products, please contact me if you are selling again this products, thanks.

  3. Hiya Charles 🙂 got urr invoice and will proceed soon, really like urr blog, and thanks for the invite, my yahoo YIM and email is AnightByTheFire maybe one day you can come to the Michigan for a visit . Like the old saying goes.. Birds fly over the Rainbow whyyy ohhh whyyyy can't i

  4. Hi Charles ! How are you these days ? How is business ? Love ? I was thinking of getting in touch with some students at XFU to teach them English or French. I work as a professor on now. My ID is " Martin " and my Skype ID is " neoqc2012 ". Thanks ! Have a great day !

  5. Do you think I can make some money providing learners of English with my own and other highly helpful tips and advice (articles), and with a custom made list of learning aids depending on one's needs?

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  6. Charles , ill be looking at placeing another order after the new year, i would like to ask why there are no directions with these tools ? most are easy to figure out as ive been locksmithing for several years.. but for me to teach my workers would be easy to hand them the directions and see if they could figure it out, I am haveing a bit of trouble with new picks hu101 ect.. im trying my best with them… meanwhile here at my other job we are doing the 2016 buick Omeaga set to be built in china and its 100% made of Aluminum.. its a fantasict car and is very roomie thruout ! chat soon craig from Michigan

  7. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Charles ! Peace, love and happiness to you, your family and your friends ! Take care and see you online soon. – Martin Duranleau (Du Mading Laoshi)

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