[Howto] Ubuntu 9.10 Sis graphic card wrong colour depth problem

f you use a laptop with a Sis graphics card, you will notice that new Debian based distros are leaving you with the wrong colour depth, which means you get blurred circles and strange colour blotches on your desktop.

The cure is

1. a Edit your /boot/grub/menu.list and change the Dreamlinux or other Debian based distro entry to include:


You might also need to remove the vga=* entry.

1. b In Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 with Grub2 edit  /boot/grub/grub.cfg

sudo nano /boot/grub/grub.cfg

And add video=sisfb after ro quiet splash

Thanks to Resa for his blog post about Grub2 on Ubuntu karmic Koala 9.10:

I now have a nice bright desktop on my Sis driven laptop.


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