Some fans of my blog took to the streets in San Francisco, and spelt out “I ♡ CHARLES” with Google Latitude. Thanks them, please click here for their video: http://services.google.com/latitudevideo/view.html#n0BGZQKDR5m0H-GDZQS5z0BGZQKDR5s0BgZqkdr-Odmf5s0BgZqkdr-Odmf

Visitors map of Charles' English Blog

Frankly speaking, my blog is writen in English, so most of my blog visitors come from the United States, and Europe (especially United Kingdom), and some other English-speaking countries (Except China).

Charles' English Blog Visitors details

According to another of blog statistics, it also says most of my blog fans come from the North America. That’s why they gathered together in San Francisco, and spelt out their feeling with their mobiles. 🙁

Oh, this video is only for fun, you can make your own here http://services.google.com/latitudevideo/ , thanks Google Latitute.

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