I caught a cold these days

I caught a cold days, because here in Taizhou City very very cold.

I am not local people,  I am from Shaanxi Province, which is located in Northwestern  China, It is snowing these days, I like snowing days so much, but I can’t return back home to have a reunion with my families for the Chinese lunar new year during the Spring Festival, it maybe snow during the festival, however I can’t go back home for some reasons. What a shame!

It is cold these days in the North too, especially before and after it snows,  that’s true, when i was at home and studied in Xi’an, I like go out to the street or climbing when it is snowing. I love such a feeling.

Some experts say that this year is the coldest of this century, so many places in the North snowed this year, but I’d never been in the South before in the winter, i am now near the sea, although it never snows, but more colder than it snows in the north, i think, that’s why i got cold.

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