I was lonely here again

Linda was my classmate when I was studying in XFU, and we worked in the same city after graduation. I always went to her school on Sundays where she worked in the last months, we went shopping in supermarkets, climbing on the hills around her school, or going to parks in her city… That’s the most happiest time for me working in this city during the last years.

For quite a long time, Linda was my best female friend, yes, only her whom could accompany me. I was a stranger of the city, and I was always busy on working in my company, almost sitting everyday at front of my office computers except on Sundays. Linda has plenty of time, and we could gather together.

Eveything had changed since last month, because he went back home to Shaanxi. Her boyfriend came here and took her home. On the previous day when she left, she came to my company and saw me, she told me she didn’t want working outside any longer for so long a distance. She already planned to do something to make a living with her boyfriend.

They will be probably get married this year or so, that’s great, but I will be lonely again…

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