If you were a Chinese guy, will you date and marry a white girl?

Ed Pultar from Georgia Tech posted a message on Yahoo Groups “Chinese girls and white guys: Question for Chinese“, which is very interesting:

My girlfriend is a typical USTC girl in that she dates a white guy like me. Chinese girls who date and marry white guys are quite common in the U.S., but I have never ever seen or heard of a Chinese guy date a white girl.

So I have a couple of questions for you Chinese:

1) Why do Chinese girls prefer white guys so much? When I was visiting China with my white American friends, we were mobbed like rock stars by Chinese girls.

My girlfriend said the majority of her USTC female classmates are dating or married to white guys. Do Chinese girls think white guys have more money, social status, or have better sex than Chinese guys? No offense to Chinese guys, but through my girlfriend I know so many Chinese girls from P.R.China (not American Born Chinese) who explicitly say they prefer white guys over Chinese guys.

Chinese men: does that piss you off when you see Chinese girls throw themselves at white guys? What will happen when China’s gender imbalance cause millions of Chinese men to never be able to find wives, and so many Chinese girls are already dating or married to white guys?

2) How come there are no Chinese guy/white girl relationships? Are Chinese men not interested in white girls, or have you tried dating a white girl but was rejected? Again, no offense to Chinese men, I just want to know.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, I am just curious.

Ed Pultar
Georgia Tech alum

I also found this interesting video on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpEipgoZ3Kk

[youtube EpEipgoZ3Kk]

After watched this funny video, I got the conclusion why Chinese girls marry white guys: I agree with Ed’s opinion, white guys have money and social status, girls like rich guys only, no matter what country he’s from, what nationality and what race he is, if you give her money, she wil do anything with you… 🙁

But for Chinese guys, for myself, I don’t like white guys, if I marry a white girl, my father and mother will drive me out of home, and can never be back again. I am a traditional Chinese man, I don’t accept a marrage with a wite girl or any other guys from other countries, this is our traditional culture, many many guys have same opinion with me, but for a Chinese girl, things are quite different in our eyes.

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  1. I'm a white woman and my boyfriend is chinese. There are a lot of asian men who date white women in big cities like NY. It is nothing unusual. Why would you think it's strange? we are all people and should let love come as it may despite whatever color it shows up in. You say you'd never marry a white woman, but that is narrowing your options and you might miss out on some great women, you should be open to asian women, white women, black women, hispanic women ect. Otherwise it's just you that loses out in the end.

  2. Some ppl say its for money, but I myself was dating a singaporean women and she liked me more then her boyfriend back home. I was jobless at the time and the guy was well off. She was caught in what seemed (from my point of view) to be an excruciating dilemma between me and him… but i might have been naive…
    Anyway i preceipitated her decision against me by being mean to her. Let her have her fake superficial relationship if she thinks that is what matters. I pity her though… she has been brainwashed into these materialistic values….
    To go back to the question… from what ive seen from chinese men, then tend to treat their wives like little girls, spoiling them, and teaching them lessons, talking down to them and telling them what to do and now to do, and giving them orders… its repugnant. Thankfully chinese women play the game and actually fool men into believing themselves and how superior they are to women (when theyre the ones being fooled)… Its also repugnant but you cant blame them, they dont have many weapons to fight the oppressive social pressure theyre subjected to.

  3. not true..i am asian too and i could get wha ever the race girl i like. i think it is all about confident and how u talk to them. i had date 4 blonde last year and they are all 8.5 and 9, so my suggestion is go and talk to girls and show whau got to girls.

  4. hahaha…Chinese americans don't date white girl- well you are wrong. My BF is chinese and I am as white as one can get….. We laugh about it because it's not that common, but what the hell…..

  5. No. I won't date White girls.. I even don't want to give a try. Guess what? I studied in USA University and my roommate is an American guy who is very nice. He told me some truth about American girls. He said that eight of ten american girls have sex disease in USA because they have messy sex activities with so many sex partners in the daily life. It makes me feel that American girls are dirty….. I don't wanna be affected by sex disease even HIV. Therefore, I will definitely marry with our Chinese girls.

    Another problem is that Chinese guys never treat love as a game. If they date with girls, they want to hold their hands to get marry in the future. My American roommate told me that most of White girls never treat love seriously. Even though a Chinese guy has married with a white girl, they will divorce within two years because of so many difference in cultures and different views to the World. Chinese parents want their sons have a stable marriage, that is why so many of them reject to accept White girls…

    1. Woah man. That is so so so rude. I'm not even American (I'm Canadian), but still, just because your American roommate says that almost all American women have diseases, that's complete rubbish! Not every white woman is completely easy! How insulting! How can you just stereotype people you even don't know as being dirty, just because someone was running off their mouth? How do you know he's telling you the truth? HOW can you just believe that a whole race of women is dirty like that? What a racist! I am so offended.

      It's true that marriage between very different cultures (a white girl with a Chinese man) can be very difficult because of the cultural gap and expectations of parents and such; but don't rule love out becaue "white girls never treat love seriously." What the hell? How do you figure white women get married then? Honestly, you really need to think before you open your mouth.

  6. Hello Mia,

    Thank you for your comments here! I don't wanna be a racist and I am not completely a racist maybe just a little bit. However, do you know how astonished when I heard that my roommate who is an AMERICAN GUY told me about all of these information? He also told me that more than 4000000 female students in USA have unprotected sex activities after drinking alcohol every year. I was like what the hell it is…. He was suffered by three American girlfriends who had serious sex diseases or light degree disease before. It does make our asian guys scared about whether American girls are clean or not….. Sorry for that!!! Yes, it is hard to believe the truth. But, we have to admit that this is definitely a primary problem which will impact asian guys dating with white girls. Furthermore, we have to realized that United States always has the most population of serious HIV patients all over the world!

    About another view that white girls treat love not seriously, it is also my roommate's view. I just make a statement about his opinion. That is not my original opinion because I am not familiar with white girls!!!

    1. Hmmm… I see. Well, at least you admit you're a little prejudiced. But yeah, so what if an American guy told you that? So what? Do you think he knows everything? Maybe people do have "unprotected sex activities" too, but I don't think that means that everyone does. The female students who do so are at fault for that, and all "white American girls" should definitely NOT be sterotyped because of the other American girls' actions. Your friend suffering from diseases from his girlfriends shows that he also agreed to unprotected sex, and is therefore himself "dirty." Maybe he was picking up unsatisfactory girls. That's his problem! It doesn't mean all American girls are like the horrible women he picks out! Perhaps he just has bad taste. By the way, the country that has the most serious cases of HIV or AIDS is Africa, not the U.S. Although, a lot of people in the U.S. should be more careful about sex.

      Okay, sorry for sounding so nasty. I'm just a white girl who doesn't want to be thought of as unclean > : (.

  7. For overseas Chinese that were born outside of China, dating a Chinese women from China is seen as a negative. It is liked dating a villiage girl. It is similar to the idea what South Koreans see of the North Koreans. You might think that you were like a rock star in China. Don't underestimate the Chinese girls, they are very smart in what they want to extract from you.

  8. Guys it shouldn't matter about the colour of her skin.
    If your attracted to her then thats the end of it.
    Of course meeting family might be differentt.
    My Boyfriend is chinese and im british,, pale skined lol..
    We've been together for a loong time, and no one cares, yes his parents at first wanted him to marry an oriental girl but soon they came around
    Its not the colour of peoples skin that matter its the amount of love you give and recieve

  9. Ok so this is for coolchineseguy.. What the hell is wrong with you. Asia has the most people so obviously you guys are having unprotected sex! In fact prostitution is legal in most of Asia! And most of your prostitutes are little boys! So talk about a fucked up race there you go.

    And by the way I'm as white as a White girl can get and my Fiance is Chinese! And the only reason why marriages dont last is because the Chinese family is so rude and do not like to give up their old ways. They look down on whire people and yet you guys come to our country??? What about that huh? Come to Canada yet hate us! Like as id Asia is any better!

  10. "I agree with Ed’s opinion, white guys have money and social status, girls like rich guys only, no matter what country he’s from, what nationality and what race he is, if you give her money, she wil do anything with you…"

    Shame on you! So I bet your mom will do anything with anyone if she gets money from him? Have you met all the girls alive and on earth? sorry if I sounded offensive but hey, you deserve it.

    and to that "cool" Chineseguy above,

    "Chinese guys never treat love as a game." Well, have you ever dated any chinese guys? oh of course not, I almost forget that you are straight.

    You're either a very PURE boy or a big liar.

    I'm a Chinese girl and YES OF COURSE I love anything that is WHITE.

    I was born for money and will marry Mr.money if possible.

    Au revoir, and sorry for my rudeness.

  11. I like anything, i fancy any women who are hot, sexy, friendly, funny, beautiful or cute. I have dated white women, black women, chinese women, indian women, middle eastern women, i dated so many women in my life and i am really don't mind, any ethnic, any color it does not really matter for me. If you are a woman then i can see that you are a woman …

  12. Out of the six Chinese guys in my year (I'm at a very small law school), two will only date fellow Asians – they both moved to Canada within the last ten years. The others were raised in Canada, all have white girlfriends, and have never dated an Asian. It's not that uncommon.

    By the way, my longtime boyfriend is Chinese from Hong Kong and has only dated white women as well. His parents love me to bits. We met at church and I certainly haven't given him any 'diseases', and he's got a really crappy paying job (that he loves and is brilliant at) – I guess I must be that single exception to the rule that white women are easy and gold-diggers. 🙁

  13. Hi people, I'm Chinese and I would date/marry a white girl only if we really love at each other. I lived in Canada from the age of 8, and I am 19 now. I found that Canadian (white girls) are really nice, and I saw many of them are sexy/hot/cute. I would accept right away if a pretty girl ask me out XD. However, I think it's wierd to ask a white girl out if you are Chinese, because it's just unusual. There aren't enough choice of Chinese girls u can date here anyway. Everywhere I go, I see white girls here ^ ^ so there are more chance that I will end up with a white girl HAHA.

  14. I am a chinese guy, and I would accept white girlfriends and relationship. In fact, all races are accepted. People think that they should only date their own race are just not open enough.

    What's wrong with different culture? If you really like someone, you will accept the person and experience what the person experience. I find it awesome to date someone has different backgrounds.

    I am not fully asian developed, nor white-washed/black-washed. I don't even know what my original culture is as I am very interracial on socializing. So I guess there is no prejudice on my answer.

    By the way, if I even date a girl that merely wants my money, I will just have monkey sex with her 3 times and dump her. fuck that mother-bitch

  15. i'm chinese, born in canada. i only date white girls. it's completely different for chinese not born in north america i would imagine.

  16. I don't believe that the white race is superior to the Chinese race in any sense. You see Chinese men through the eyes of your Chinese girlfriend. But let's face the truth. Everyone has their own personal preference yes. Reason why you see so many Chinese girls with White men and not so many Chinese men with White women is because of cultural differences. There is an extreme amount of pressure on the wife. That is the main reason why white women have trouble putting up with the pressure, and also reason why Chinese women want to free themselves from this pressure. Do understand China now has a gender imbalance, and foreigners like yourself have even made it harder for men in China to find wives. It is natural to see that in the near future men from China will find women from foreign countries if they cannot find them in China. Currently many Chinese men are buying North Korean and Vietnamese wives. Pressure forced on the men of China will result in greater competitiveness within the country.
    You will see in the near future that as China's global status and wealth increases, it will be inevitable to view Chinese men as desirable. It is only a matter of time when this world will see the shift in power from US to China. Chinese men will get richer and more powerful as the country does. It is only a matter of time when Chinese men go to foreign countries and have women chasing after them.
    White men, you had your time, and now it is China's turn.
    Your golden age is ending soon, so enjoy it while you can.
    The Dragon has awaken.

  17. u should know how it feels when you were being degraded just because you're not chinese. My boyfriend is Chinese and I so hate it every time they consider me as a low end individual just because I was not born under their culture.

    You guys should also consider that thought. Racist.

  18. I am a Chinese and I love to date some white girls. I have seen many beautiful-like-movies-star white women here in China, but I have never got to know one.
    I was miserably single through all my school years, I was too shy to talk to a girl that I was interested in. I had always been wondering if there is anything wrong with my personality until I met my girlfriend. It took me 7 months to have her become my GF. She's pretty and intelligent, I have poor skin and a bit short and poor, but She loves me very much.
    I think the key point on getting an amazing girl is to make her laugh, make her feel that it's fun to have you around. It's true for girls from every region, no matter what color her skin is.

  19. I'm white and my boyfriend is chinese. He's accually the best boyfriend i've ever had. It's not as common but it's the best decition I've ever made. He treats me like gold, he's smart, I'm never stuck looking at his belly button (I'm short), he respects me, and he's grateful for everything i do. He also is the clingyest guy I've ever dated and I'm loving it. His mother loves me and we get along great, we are both weird and crazy. I'm a petiete model so I've been dating guys i met through work alot and they were narsisistic jerks, he may not be as attractive as I am, and my friends say hes nowhere near the standards I should have, Which is terrible because he's perfect. When I asked him why he treats me soooo well he said it was becuase chinese women expect a enormous amount of respect and civilry. He asked to hold my purse at the mall when I asked him if we could switched sides because it was too heavy. SOOO the point to this long rant is that women should probably open up their eyes to a relationship with a sweet chinese man. Alot of them are incredible, but that doesn't mean they all are. The colour of your skin doesn't determine your personality, I'm just one lucky white girl.

  20. Hey all,
    I'm an ethnically Chinese Canadian and I was lucky enough to befriend this super-cute girl from Somalia through work. After a few months of flirting with each other, we made a decision to both get tested for STDs together, and when the results confirmed we were both clear, we had THE MOST AMAZING SEX EVER! Let me tell you, she did things that would make Lady GAGA blush, and now we can't keep our hands off each other. To me, the most important thing is personality, regardless of the ethnicity. Good luck to everyone in their pursuit of happiness, and remember, BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!

  21. I am a chinese guy who born and grow up in the northeast part of china.where is closer to russia and north korea.
    the guys in this area do date and marry russian white girls.
    which is not much special.
    The scene described in the 1st floor by Ed Pultar
    can be true in the city of shanghai and city nearby in china.
    but in other citys not.
    because china is so big,people from different places think and act differently,because the shanghainese like western culture more than any other peoples in the rest of china.and local guys are least confidence than guys from guys from north.
    that;s why ist floor.

  22. I m Chinese was living in Malaysia. I had seem that white girl some are very pretty…

  23. Don't listen to your friend or roomate. he has a problem with his own races. my roomate is nut too. Go out make friend with other people. especial white girl, you will see that white girl is different. Keep it in your mind that not all the white girls will like you. Like not all chinese girls will like you. that you know it for a fact.

  24. i am chinese and ive dated this blond girl in grade 9, she was my first girlfriend and i didnt care if our ethnicity is different. It felt pretty good, felt BEAST!

  25. uuum..you say you wont date WHITE girls and then you keep talking about AMERICAN Girls…dude, dont throw all white girls in one pot, we europeans are quite different. And btw, my bf is chinese-american, i am german, we both take love very serious, we both come from good families with high values, both have high education and so on…your last sentence is quite arrogant….i know this post is super late, but i just had to write it..

  26. hi, I am very curious how to date blond girl?I am Chinese man, chinese english can be understand by each other?

  27. I guess Chinese men should start telling white men that all Chinese girls have sex disease to reverse the trend.

  28. I don`t think that white guy was treated as rock stars in China! they just curious that you are white skin, blue

    eyes or some color else. I am Chinese Cantonese, we have many many foreigner white guy in Guangzhou

    (Canton). Only those girl from north or what else poor province will chase white guy. For most Chinese, the

    most important things to decide be a friend or not is that is you have same characters, and if you are a nice

    guy, a nice person. if you are such – un-polity, no one would like you. But most Chinese, they don`t tell you

    directly. Because in Chinese culture we are more policy, and gentler. We don`t like to make things so obvious.

    That`s why in the history, China never invade other countries, not like those UK, US, they used to invade

    others, or still invading others. And of course, I have to admit that, most Chinese lack the eloquence, they dont

    explain things clearly sometime. thats why Chinese was misunderstanding. But China is sooooo big in

    territory, and people have difference character personality behavior in difference province. We Cantonese

    seldom marry White guy, only when they really fall in love. Have you seen many Chinese in China Town in your

    country chaste a White guy? they are mainly from Canton, they are most Cantonese. Why only nowadays you

    white guy found that Chinese woman go out with you white guy? that means problem only happen after China

    opened the door, and Chinese person are toooooo difference from difference place in China domestic.

    But generally speaking, most Chinese woman are traditional.



    AND IF there is a yellow woman who said she like u. I SUGGEST YOU REFUSE IT ASAP. AND FORGET IT, NO


  29. I am a chinese guy, and I found that white girl are pretty and sexy. But of course it is still very important to have a true love between each other instead of physical attraction. If I really fall in love with a white girl, of course I will marry her.

  30. I'm a Cantonese guy from China, I think most the American white grils are easy going and kind at lease my friends are. I enjoy talking with them, and love to data a white girl in US. I think Chinese guys can't get American girls are not because they're not rich, handsome or bad sex (actually Chinese guy pretty good at it), the main problem is lack of confidence, they just too shy to talk to the American girls. As long as they open their heart make more friend, Chinese guy can get an American white girlfriend.

  31. lol, why?

    u should thx to those USA “white media" always give those bullshit Chinese image to audience such as those fucking kung fu guys or either small ugly disgusting looking Asian guys or those 5 feet height guys.

  32. Yea sure why not, Im Taiwainese so i dont know if that counts as well, but i believe it works for chinese as well…

  33. Yea sure why not, Im Taiwainese so i dont know if that counts as well, but i believe it works for chinese as well…

  34. I got a white girl that is interested in me. And she looks pretty nice. But she also have a 7 years old white kid. I have no problem marry a white girl. But with kids? I don't even know how this going to work.

  35. i am a 100% chinese guy from chinese mainland . i came to dallas a month ago for study and i already have my white blonde girlfriend . when i was in shanghai, i also dated a british girl and an austrian girl . this is so normal for me right now and i believe poeple will be more used to seeing that often .

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