I’m back now

Hi, all, i’m sorry I didn’t write anything in the last month. For one thing, I was a little bit busy and had a lot of things to be done at the end of 2008, for another, I was somewhat bored of writing, as you may know, I have several blogs now… except this one, I have a personal “official” website, and another team blog writing together with some of my female friends, I spent most of my spare time writing these two of my blogs.. While, the most important is my English, my english is not good, sometimes, I didn’t know what and how to write an article…

This morning, I received several emails telling me some readers left me comments on the blog, I replied them one by one, and deleted several hundred of spam comments. For the last month, I didn’t even log in this blog, didn’t upgrade to WordPress 2.7, I am so sorry to reply all comments so late… and I want to say sorry to all of my RSS readers if you subscribed my blog…

I’m back now… I made up my mind to renew at least once a week, please don’t leave… thanks

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