I’m Lovin’ My Job

I'm Lovin' My Job

I got two orders this morning, about 1k usd each, these are small orders,  just trial orders for my customers. Anyway, I think I’ve done a good job 🙄

I’m already bored with this job working here for one year and half, things are harder and harder as what I didn’t meet before, goods can hardly be sent through Chinese customs, and there’s always a risk that the goods might be held at customs in any other countries. That’s a headache for me all the time.

I don’t want to deal with people from South America, Turkey, and lots and lots of other non-English speaking countries any longer, I can hardly understand them, and they can hardly understand me, although both of us speak English, but their English is so difficult to get a generally idea what they’re talking about. For a lot of times when we were talking about a little thing for a very long time, I had to repeatedly ask them over and over again. I think I am driven crazy.

I like this job, I am lovn’ this job, I am doing things that I like, I like being online all day, to surf on the net or do whatever I like. And honestly speaking, I work on the internet and spend most of my time on the net doing lot of things other than working, but I can get my orders, even if I read others’ blogs for the whole day and the whole week, I reply an email, there will be an order. 😉

It seems that this job is quite easy for me, yes, I think so, that’s truth. And compared those people who are struggling for a job opportunity all day, I’m satisfied. Working while doing things of my own, that’s what I always want.

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