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Jaiku is a Microbloging platform which is somewhat similar to Twitter, It is a service for your friends to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick and frequently asked questions by answering “What are you doing”, and archive it as a life stream of events.

The differences between Jaiku and Twitter is that, you can add your feeds of your blog and other website services to be aggregated over to your lifestreaming,  like Soup.io and Tumblr, I think it is more interesting.

Jaiku was acquitted by Google in Oc. 10th, 2007, and after that, it needs invites to joins their service, have got an Jaiku invite or not? If you haven’t got one, I can help you, I have been invited for so long a time, and now have some invites to give out, so please take your time and leave me a message below and request an invite, I will send to your mail box as soon as possible.

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