Make & Receive Calls over WIFI on HTC Dream

Most importantly, though, I have been able to make and receive calls over WiFi. There are many other blog posts floating around explaining how to do this. But basically I needed to:

  1. Apply for and receive a Google Voice account
  2. Register and activate a Gizmo5 account
  3. Add my Gizmo5 number to my Google Voice account
  4. Download and install SIP Droid on my G1
  5. Enter Gizmo5 username/password, and as the server
  6. Enable WiFi, and wait for SIP Droid to authenticate (this part is buggy, as far as I can tell)

I have been able to do this well, from my home WiFi network. I’m looking forward to trying this abroad.

Original posted by Dustin Kirkland and titled Palm Pre (WebOS) vs. HTC G1 (Android).

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  1. 怎么才能注册到google voice账号呢?

    google voice不是只能打美国电话嘛?



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