Microsoft tells me to upgrade my Firefox browser

When I logged in my Windows Live Hotmail just now, Microsoft told me to upgrade my firefox browser to get most out of it. Stupid Microsoft, my firefox is already the latest version, did you ever know that? When I logged in my Hotmail in firefox under Windows XP system, this situation never happened.

Windows Live Hotmail is one of my frequently-used mail services except Gmail, it supports firefox well. Maybe you can gain the best experience when you use Windows and Internet Explorer browser, so it tells you to upgrade your firefox if you are using Linux system. I hate Internet Explorer 7, I don’t think it’s a better browser than Firefox 3, even if some webpages I must use IE7 to open it.

Microsoft knows what operating system and what browser I am using when I input my hotmail account and password, but my firefox has been the latest version, it’s somewhat stupid, I think.

I talk with my foreign customers via MSN, so a Hotmail account is needed, although I have a company mailbox of my own, many customs still send emails to my Hotmail box, i was forced to use it.

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  1. Simply install the "User Agent switcher" addon for Firefox [1]. Then go to Extras -> Addons -> User Agent Switcher -> Settings and make a copy of the default user agent strings but with Windows as the operating system. Now you can easily 'fake' every other browser by switching Extras -> Switch User Agent before you log into Hotmail.

    Enjoy! (although I doubt that one can enjoy Hotmail anyway 😉 )


    1. @Christoph Yes, it would be much better if I "fake" my Firefox browser as IE6 or better, but, I just checked the captured images above, Micro just suggests me to upgrade my browser to latest version for a full function of Hotmail.

    2. @Christoph For some a website that doesn't support Firefox, it will be properly even if you "fake" your firefox. But, this plugin maybe useful in other situation. Thanks.

    1. @Ian Weller Yes, I know, just refresh that page and you will be in the inbox of Hotmail.

      I think Mircrosoft recognized I am using Firefox under Linux, I had never met such situation when I using Windows XP+Firefox.:smile:

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