My Awful Birthday This Year

Feb 19th is my birthday this year, as all of you know in China, we have two calendars, one is Chinese Lunar Calendar, and another one is the Gregorian Calendar, we uses Gregorian calendar in newspapers, TVs, computers, and even paying us salary in a Gregorian Calendar one month time cycle. But most rural people uses Lunar Calendar to arrange farming. I’m from a rural area in Hanzhong, China’s northwest Shaanxi Province, I always spent my birthday on Chinease Lunar Calendar customarily.

I added a GTD event in Google Calendar in Advance so as not to forget celebrating my birthday, but on Feb. 18 th, I received an SMS from Google telling me it’s my birthday, oh, it was so late for me to get to know that day is my birthday, it’s been nearly 17:00, and one hour later, I would be able to get off work. But I didn’t know that day is my birthday and prepared nothing, I am a stranger here in Taizhou, and I have little friends, only a few people knows my birthday, and of course  it’s so late to call some of them and held a party together.

After super as usual, I didn’t know what to do to have a celebration for my birthday. Walking on the street, I felt so lonely, “Why not go to a Leisure center?” , I went to one nearby, but I didn’t go in as  I was a little bit afraid, because I was alone. After that, went to another one by taxi, but I didn’t enter too, I didn’t know why I didn’t enter, only wandered outside for a lont time and left to home.

Three days after that, when I opened Google Calendar again, I found that day was not my birthday, I still didn’t know why I received an SMS ahead of time, I marked in the correct date and time, It’s very strange, but my real birthday date has been expired. What a awful birthday this year!

The 100th photos on my Flickr Pro account

I bought my self a Flickr Pro account as my birthday present in the night of Feb. 14th on Feb. 15th at 1:00 o’clock, I thought  although it’s been  1:00 am of Feb 15th, but it was Beijing time, it was still Valentine’s Day in USA (Flickr is an USA company owned by Yahoo), Valentine’s day is a special day for me to buy myself a present and it’s also a good day for me to refund my account as it’s so easy to be remembered. But, when I made payment, Flickr showed me a date I made payment on Feb. 15 th, I was so stupid, Yahoo knew my local time, it’s terrible.

With this Flickr Pro account, I can be able to upload all my favorite photos and share with friends on the net, and I have a good camera too, I bought a Sony DSC-T500 during the Chinese new year holiday, with it, I can take some good pictures and share it on Flickr.

Well, this is my 24 year old birthday, I am one year older again.

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