My compus life in XFU

I studied in Xi’an Fanyi University for three years from 2003 to 2006. Had graduated for 2 years, I remember only a little. And when I saw my album this morning, I found this photo, it’s one of the few pictures I took in my compus life.

These photos were taken at the very last time before I gruated and went to Taizhou. These several months before graduation was my happiest, unforgetable time spent in XFU. And one of the most favorite time was spent together with Rosia Chu, a girl from Urumqi, she became my classmate in the last term, and although we had been studying in the same teaching building for more then 2 years, I didn’t know her before. She’s pretty girl, and has a amiable temperament, which I like and admire so much.

We climbed the hill behind of our compus, appointed each other in the playgrouond, self-studied together in the classroom, it’s really a pity why didn’t I met her earlier, and I’m so disapointed we only spent nearly three months together… Before I left XFU to Taizhou City, I took some photos, which you can find it here.

Well, I remembered one of my best friend, we knew each other in the second year of my copus life. He’s from Sichuan, we share the same customs and same dialect. It got to know when I was in taizhou, half year after graduation, he was sick and ill, perhaps a incurable disease, I called him in Tiantai, but failed because he changed his mobile phone number.

One of his friend asked me about his latest news, he told me they lost contact with each other for a long time either. His QQ never got online, I am wondering if he’s still alive. God bless him.

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