My customers and I together

I graduated from Xi’an Fanyi University in April, 2006, I was English major and learned some courses about International Trade, after graduated i came to Taizhou City, and found a job here. I came to this company in the end of Oct. 2007, and I had just worked here for several months. Our products is Automobile transponder keys and locksmith tools, and car remotes and programmers and transponders. These products sell well in China and other countries. 2 days ago, some customers from Australia and New Zealand and Istanbul, Turkey visited our company.

Charles and his customers from istanbul, Turkey

These two customers are from Australia and New Zealand, they are friends and doing the same business, they came to our company together, they stayed in our company only 3 hours. They thinks our products are high quality they’d never found all over the world.

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Because, for some reasons, I had not used English for a long time, about a year’s time, at first, I was afraid that i couldn’t communicate with them, because my english not really perfect, that’s truth, although my writing English is good, but my oral english very bad, but it was not so difficult when i speaked with them, god blessed me.

We chinese people often say that we are very friendly, that’s truth, but foreigners friendly too. They talk to me heart to heart, and really like our products and want to cooperate with us. The Turkish customers stayed in Taizhou for two days, they highly appreciated me, because I was very sincerely when doing business, they say I was his best friend.

I hated this company for some certain reasons, and had decided to change a job when my friend came to Taizhou after the Spring Festival, but anyway, i will do my best in the rest days working here.

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