My Egyptian Customer

An Egyptian customer named Ismail visited us last year when I joined in this company for only about 15 days later in Novenmber 2007, they’re the very first foreign customers which I served, we begun to know each other on, and they have many other businesses in China, they visited Shanghai when they came to China, and later, they went to our neighbour Wenzhou City, and after their visiting in Wenzhou City and back to Shanghai they passed by Taizhou City and visited our company.

While, in this photo, the man and lady in the middle is my boss and his wife, and the other 3 men are Egyptian customers. Oh, the second man from left to right is Ismail, I contact with him, for more photos, please visit here.

I knew little about them now, he’s not my bigger customer. I didn’t know why they visited us at that time, even though we showed almost all of our products to him, he purchased a little, maybe this is not his major business in Egypt. I think.

He brought two of his friends (or staffs) together, one of them was very techical (the one at the very right in this photo), he knew a lot of transponder keys and locksmith tools and he’s very interested in them and asked ma a lot how to use them…

I remembered clearly that he’s very disapointed when he got off the car, because he wanted and asked me to show him around our factory for times, but my boss told me our factory is far away from here and because of some intellectual property rights problems, our factory is not allowed to visit…… I expained him a lot, and told him again and again all of our products have logos of third-parties, but he’s still so despondent about me and us…

I don’t want to cheat him… but ….

Another thing that I had to tell all of you, Ismail and one of his staffs in Egypt emailed me and talked me on MSN for times and told me he paid some hundreds of US Dollar to our Agriculture Bank of China, and sent me their bank’s receipt. I told this to my boss, he always went to the bank to withdraw money paid us by Wire Transfer or Western Union, but he told me that he never withdrawed money from any Egyptian banks, I knew nothing about it, and every time I asked my boss, he insisted that.

And one day, one of Ismail’s friends in Shanghai even called my boss mobile phone, and asked my boss to send the goods to Egypt, my boss finally determined to send goods to Egypt, and one of Ismail’s ataff contacted with me, and I sent goods to his friend in Shaghai as his request.

And after that, I asked Ismail for times whether his friend sent him the goods (togethered with other goods he bought from Shanghai) or not, he didn’t answer me, also no response when I asked his staff.

My God, I lost this customer, even it’s a small one, but his really a bigger buyer of auto parts. And of course, what I care is that my boss withdrawed his money or never……

I wil never know and it’s no need now….

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  1. i want to know more about egyptain customer in big group……what do they need ….and if i will go to do business ……how should i prepare….and what kind of business i can do well….:) thank q for ur kind if u answer me:)

  2. @Fern, I know little about Egyptians, they buy from us transponder keys, they just came to our company for transponder keys, I don't know what else they need, maybe some other auto parts…

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