My English blog moved to this new domain

I tried my best tonight to move my English blog entries from to this new domain hosted in Hostgator. I didn’t major in computer related specialized field in unvierstiy, it’s really a shame because I met a lot of problems when moving them. I was so happy when all troubles resolved at last.

How did I move my English blog?

Well, first of all, I Exported MySQL database from its host phpMyAdmin, and backed up all files in the old wp-content directory. Then, downloaded the lastest wordpress 2.6.2 and uploaded to the new host, and seted up a new MySQL database and made some necessary change of the wp-config.php file, and uploaded to the new host’s wordpress directory. After that, imported the mysql file which exported to the newly-created MySQL datebase. When I opened, it was automatically redirected to… it’s useless this way… 🙁

I searched on Google, and found I have to replace “” with “”  in the exported .sql file, I did, I downloaded EmEditor and did with it. After this stetp, I imported again into the new MySQL database, I also changed the siteurl option_value of the wp-options table in phpMyAdmin like the searched result say. Afer all done, when I refreshed my browser, it’s just ok, could be opened, but when I clicked any of the blog entries’ title, it’s a 404 page, and I failed again.

I tried like this for several times, all failed!

And later, I found another way. Exported all posts from Manage/Export, and then Droped all tables of the new MySQL database, then re-seted up the new WordPress blog. Imported the exported file from Manage/Import, some posts were ok, some were lost.

I was really stupid and didn’t know where I got wrong, and why, but I did several times as what I said above. I succeeded when I imported WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR for the last time, yes, so lucky.

Why I moved my English posts from to

Tell you the truth, pengyulong and charlespeng, as well as another of my Chinese blog, are all my names domain names, while, pengjiayou is my Chinese name I prefer, so it was chose as my Chinese blog domain for 2 years.

When I firstly started English blogging, I created a blog with the domain, because at that time, was my Make Money Online Blogging blog domain. But I fould later I had little and little topics to continue writing in Make Money Online Blogging.

And in fact, the blog Make Money Online Blogging hadn’t been added any new entries for half a year, but recently I liked writing in English, which will be good for my job as a Foreign Trade salesman as a result of my English level highly improved.

Just because I want to write in English, it will be better if the blog domain name is the same with my English name, whicn all my contact information in my MSN, Yahoo Messenger, as well as the name in my price lists are all this name as Charles Peng, it will be much better to communicate with my customers using this name.

I had merged the entries of the old Make Money Online Blogging into, so I will only have 2 blogs from now on.

I will only write in these two blogs from now on, it’s much more better to manage them, do you think so? And it saves too much of my enerage too….

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    1. @stephen I have too many blogs on the net. I have several self-hosted WordPress blogs, and I also blog in free ISPs. It's so difficult to manage them, so I made up my mind to merge these blogs into just two, one for Chinese, and the other one for English for different readers… 🙂

  1. @Charles Peng, one language one blog is the best way to be managed. and I hope just know chinese and english, or wise you should buile the third~~

    1. @stephen, How I wish I could speak another language other than Chinese and English, but I can't, oh, I speak Sichuan Dialect, and it's the same with Mandarin in written 😀

    1. @Hevaaveplay, It is, as an English blog, I prefer my English name domain name, which was used as another of my Chinese blog, that's why I moved.

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