My Fedora (KDE Environment) Desktop Screenshots

I installed both GNOME and KDE environments in my Fedora system. I personally much prefer the GNOME desktop, and seldom went to KDE desktop, but I had a try KDE last day and took some screenshots. KDE 4.1 is much better than ever, but I am not familiar it… and even don’t know how to use it. 🙁

I opened my blog in firefox, it’s just good.

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  1. You meant Fedora Linux? I have never tried it before. BTW, why not try Imageshack or Photobucket or Flickr as your image hosting, instead of Yupoo.

    1. @Yee HER No matter you believe or not, Yupoo is the best Chinese online album, I share almost all my photos here. Photobucket is a very good free online photo storage service, tell you the truth, i'm using it, but you didn't notice. Some of my photos inserted in the blog posts are hosted on Photobucket.

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