My first job in Tiantai County, Zhejiang

I was graduated from Xi’an Fanyi Unviersity in July 2006, but I went to Taizhou City, Zhejiang in April 2006 with some other of my college mates, and I looked for a job in Tiantai County with an Alibaba’s salesman’s help. This was my first job, because my major is English in university, so I just worked there as a foreign-trade salesman, and also as an administractor of computer and computer network. But as a sales newbie, I didn’t have any good achievement in selling.

This photo was just captured by my own computer webcam, oh, there’re more below:

This is a nice hill near the center of Pingqiao Town, Tiantai Country, I came here with workmate and climbed on the top of the big stone, where you can see the entire Pingqiao Town, it’s a beautiful sight there.

On the way back to our company that afternoon, I took some nice photos of paddy rice and a couple.

Tiantai is a great county, a lot of China famous tourist attractions are located there, for example, the Guoqing Temple, Titantai Mountain, Jigong Temple, and there’s more places to visit too…

This is the Sui Tower, which is more than one thousand years old now, in Guoqing Temple.

A beautiful park in Tiantai City

I went to Guoqing Temple and Tiantai Mountain during the National Holiday in Oct. 2006, with my friend’s help, and spent a nice holiday there, and please visit my album for more photos.

My friend is working for Huitong Express, and he drove us around almost all Tiantai Mountain, and visit the Guoqing Temple…

This is my friend and his family, thanks to them, and I spent most of my favorite time during my working in Tiantai in year 2006.

The center square of Pingqiao Town, I often came here in the evening after super…

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  1. i love tiantai i was lucky enough to spend some time in Gouqing-si in 2005. i had supper in the park by the pond in your photo

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