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Dropbox is a software that syncs your files online and across your computers. To be exactly speaking, it’s one of the world’s best online file sync and backup tool, with dozens of shinning features. Say, shen you register and install Dropbox cross-platform client, put your files in Dropbox special folder on your compter, those files will be instantly uploaded to Dropbox severs, and, they can also be downloaded to any other of your computers automatically that you had Dropbox client installed, no matter what operating systems they’re running.

Dropbox is great, gives you the freedom to work on any of your computers and always have the files you need. Let’s say you’re editing a document at home, after relaxing over a game or two of party poker. As soon as you click ‘Save’, Dropbox will sync this same file to all your other computers (as well as your iPhone!) instantly and automatically. It’s as if you saved the document to all of your computers.

Dropbox has lots of other features to automatically backup your files and keep files synced between computers too, it also enables you share files easily with your friends and colleagues on Dropbox website, here’s Dropbox tour which you can learn all it’s features how to sync your files and store your files securely.

Besides all these things I am talking above, Dropbox officially posted some Tips and Tricks as well as some add-ons on their wiki, which give you the ability to use Dropbox services efficiently and creatively. You can visit those pages yourself and look for a way how to use Dropbox in different situations better. Well, after I saw their add-ons page I found a great trick to turn Dropbox into a powerful online photo gallery site. Ah, yes, Dropbox is so powerfull to do anything which you can hardly imagine.

See those screenshots above, this is a cool and full-featured photo gallery, right? Please do not doubt, it was built by myself, using My PHP DropBox Gallery php script, all those photos in the screenshots are stored in my own Dropbox account in Dropbox severs.

To generate your own photo gallery on your own web sever is easy, register a Dropbox account (skip this step if you already have one), creat a folder in your “Photos” directory of your dropbox and upload all your photo files there which you want to share with others, and then download PHP Dropbox Gallery scripts here, decompress it, and rename the file “config.example.php” to “config.php” which located in “upload/gallery” directory, change its content to meet your situations. And at last, upload all the files in the “upload” directory to your own web sever, that’s it.

Here’s my own PHP Dropbox Gallery demo, which make photo gallery and photo sharing more easier.

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  1. Hi,

    My PHP DropBox Gallery has been updated to online service without installation needed.

    You can try this fancy gallery on :

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    With you can now create a fancy image gGallery with your facebook, flickr, dropbox, twitpic… albums

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