My Year 2008

We moved to a new office in the center of the city at the end of October last year. It’s a regret that I was so lazy and I didn’t write anything about it in the last months, I’m really sorry for that. Now I’m back and celebrated our Chinese new year (ox year), it’s time to write something about my last year, to summarize the past year 2008 and exceptions of 2009.

Charles Peng in the new Office

Looking back over the past year, I can say it has truly been an eventful one. I can not find the pleasure of work, the working conditions is too bad, I don’t want to say anything about it, just see those pictures. I tried and planed to look for another job for times, but I surrendered, because I think there are no job opportunities that I’m completely satisfied, I’d rather continue working here than look for another one.

About in May through the beginning of July, I got a salary about 10,000 RMB plus commission. It’s for me for the 1st time I made so much money, just in 2 months. I became more confident in overcoming difficulties. And went back home to Xi’an and saw my parents in Hanzhong…

All things are difficult before they are easy, I agree with this. After working here for about 5 months, I became more and more familiar with the products I’m selling, and  knew more and more how to communicating with our products, learned a lot of my business processes. I made nearly 10,000 RMB during the last 2 months last year, it’s a great amount of money for me, I bought a Sony DSC-T500 camera, and spent the rest in the Chinese new year holidays. Although I didn’t go back home for the Spring festival, but I spent the holiday happily.

The new year is ox year, my year of birth considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches, It’s a lucky year for me, I got a big order at the beginning of the first week after the holiday. I hope I can do my best and earn much more…

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