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I bought a host from Surpasshosting on Feb 25, 2008 when Surpasshosting is having another One Love Sale, pay only 1$ for a whole YEAR of their Power Plan package. This Power shared hosting plan offers enough storage and bandwidth for myself.

It is a great shame that my site server IP, which is, had been blocked by the great firewall of China for nearly 1 year. So my site can not be accessed in China successfully without Tor or other proxy servers. Their is no other solutions to solve this problem except to place my account on a dedicated IP (it is 4$/month) or to upgrade from the power shared hosting environment to a VPS or a Dedicated Server, it costs more.

It will be a large amount of money for myself. And what’s more is that I have already got a Hostgator reseller plan account hosting another of my blog,  so I don’t want to buy a delicated IP for this blog. And I buy Surpasshoting power plan for only 1$, i don’t want to pay more, I just want to test Surpasshosting, their services, website load speed and etc. If it’s good, I will decide to buy their power plan next year when the Hostgator reseller plan expires.

However, alought this site server IP was blocked, it can be accessed from other countries successfully. I will take good use of this hosting storage to post in English. The only problem is, it is very inconvenient for me to upload & download files via FTP with a proxy server or a VPN software. That bothers me a lot.

I am now posting using Firefox and Tor, very slow, but I can just have a try, always, now and in the future. Thanks Surpasshosting.
At the end of this post of this site, I added a photo of my myself, Taken in Feb 26, 2008, enjoy!

Charles Peng

So warmly welcome all readers of this blog from other countries to contact with me, or bookmark this blog URL to your browser’s favourites. I will post in English and communicate with all of you.

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