Pictures of our family old house

This photo was also taken during my visiting at home in July 2008, when I registered my 2nd generation identity card, what it shows you is my family old house, it’s been almost 100 years old, I am not sure about this, because it’s redundant for long long a time, we have new house, but this old one wasn’t backout. Unfortunately, it was damaged during the Wenchuan Earthquakes. Honestly speaking, we are far far away from the epicenter, although the earth quaked, but it was not so serious, our old house only a little bit injured, we want to build a new house, a new modern building of two or three floors, the old house was backout at last.

my family old house
my family old house

I was just living in rural area in Nothwest China when I was young during my primary school, middle school, senior high school lifes. It’s such a unforgetable time in my life….

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