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Well, I just created a group called “Fedora User Group” in is a social aggregation tool that looks to combine all your as well as your contacts’ social media into a long stream. It’s a great fuction I need. With,  I am now able to add Planet Fedora RSS and other Fedora-related RSSes to combine into just ONE and show in ONE webpage.

You can now visit Fedora User Group URL or to read blog entries on Planet Fedora now. ( was blocked in China, so for Mainland China Fedora users, please visit has a good reading experience, there are no “pages” buttons, instead, the scrool bar of your browser is endless, until you read to the very first item.

Currently, Fedora user group includes not only Planet Fedora RSS, but also some other userful Fedora RSS for both Chinese and  English readers. They are ….

  • Fedora Planet
  • Linux room on FriendFeed
  • Fedora-cn Feeds
  • Charles’ Fedora Notes
  • Fedora Chinese Blog Union

This is a “group” on, if you have account, please join in this group. Thanks…

Fedora User Group:

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