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fotoliaFotolia is a site where photographers can sell their photos or images directly to consumers on the net.  Photographers can sell their photos and keep up to 80% of fees to make profit.

Three types of rights may be purchased – web only, print only, and exclusive buyout. The exclusive buyout option results in the image being removed from the site,and no futher sales of the image are made after that.

Fotolia has created an innovative pricing system to encourage use by photographers and manage the user experience. Photographers may price photos within certain ranges determined by their rank. The more sales a photographer has, the higher their rank. Prices start at zero and can be as high as $2,000 for an exclusive buyout.

If you want to share your photos, especially you are a photographer, I very much recommend you to register an account here and get paid to your photos you taken. is another powerful Royalty-Free stock photography agency, aiming to supply you with high quality digital images at unbelievable prices. All our stock images are provided by our community’s photographers, shot on film or digital and approved by our in-house designers and photographers. Structured on categories and subcategories, our database is constantly renewed with thousands of fresh images and titles. The format we provide is JPG / RGB, minimum file size accepted is 2MB.

We offer Royalty-Free images and Royalty-Free stock photography which can be used for printing brochures, advertisements, magazine or newspaper ads, as well as for websites or Flash interactive animations. Photographers and designers using film or digital equipment are able to sell their portfolio of images online. Commissions can get as high as 100% awarded to the contributor and a referral program is also available.

Our site has been online since 2000 as a Royalty-Free stock photography website, selling CD imagery. The concept has been redesigned, upgraded and adapted to the market’s need, evolving into a powerful and active community in March 2004.
We have a massive growth with traffic increasing as high as 50 times in 12 months. Several hundreds of new members join the community weekly and hundreds of images are added daily. The community involves photographers, illustrators and designers from all over the world representing important magazines, advertising agencies, web design and new media companies.

If you’re a designer looking for high quality stock images, we invite you to check the About our images page, for the main details regarding our accepted usage and restrictions. Credits for downloading the images can be bought from the Buy credits page.

If you’re a photographer looking to sell your images, please visit the following page: Sell your images. We reward 50% from each sale you make. All discounts are supported by the agency, therefore the real commissions are between 50-70%; on specific occasions they can be as high as 100%.

Sell Your Digital Images: Dreamstime pays $0.50 to $1.00 per basic download to the photographer (50%) and has a pretty good upload system.

Buy Digital Images: Dreamstime charges more for photos that have been download 100 times or more, and again if they’ve been downloaded 500 times or more. They have also recently implemented a system where print and web images are separate purchases. You can currently download images for less than $1.


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