site blocked by GFW?

Yesterday, from about 17:00 Beijing Time, I couldn’t open my site,
today, 10:00 Beijing Time, the same situation,
What’s the problem? I pinged and tracerted my site url

blog blocked by GFW

large photo here

have just moved my blog from 3ix to Dreamhost for only 1 day,
God, what’s the problem, the Dreamhost IP which my site is hosted in, has blocked by the GFW?

Anyone can tell me how to solve this problem?

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  1. @Viking Yes, I can access, and I can also access other site which hosted in Dreamhost servers.

    When I moved from my old 3ix host, I changed the NS of my domain to dreamhost, and

    I looked up, only two sites are hosted in this IP. I am not sure the other one was blocked and influenced me or not.

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