So difficult to look for a good hosting

I found myself so difficult to find a good hosting to blog, I just bought a Surpasshosting ONE LOVE TWO power plan, but the server IP assigned to me is blocked by the Great Firewall, although I made a decision to start English blogging, I don’t care Chinese people can access or not, because a few Chinese can read English even if what I write is just baby English(only some simple English), but it’s unconvinient for me to blog using Firefox + Tor, or upload & download files via FTP using a VPN software. So I finally refund Surpasshosting, their service is very good, I am sure, but I can’t  bear the speed, so I just moved Pengyulong Dot Com to a new one. So I hope all the user outside China continuing using their Power plan or other plans.

Charles Peng

I just want to look for a good hostinig provider to blog, why it is so difficult, another Chinese blog of mine used up all the bandwidth, and service stopped for two times recently. That blog is hosted in Hostgator, one of the reseller plans, bought from a reseller called Jiang, the Hostgator reseller plan offers 500M storage and 5G bandwidth, but that blog has 1500-2000 visitors a day on an everage, it used up the bandwidth yesterday, I told Jiang, and he added 1G extra and today morning I found my site stopped again, he added 1G again.

Hostgator has a good speed, but  the bandwidth so limited for me, not enough, I have to ask Jiang for a final solution.

Very late tonight, stop now, and go on this topic tomorrow, say goodbye to all of you. Thanks.

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