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Hnnn, let me contine writing something about my memories between my customers and I, it’s our National Day long holiday these days, I took only 2 days off, and begun to work on October 3rd. Had finished my tasks today, I had nothing to do, so I begun to write my memories to improve my English writing skills and to recall the days I am working here for the last year…

This photo is taken in Apr. 28th, 2008, the tall and handsome guy in the middle of this photo is one of my Polish customers, he came to China to look for some transponder keys supplier, he mainly sells JMA and SILCA transponder keys to poland and other European countries.

But our keys are different from those of JMA and SILCA products, our products are exactly the same looking as original vehicle transponder keys, we showed him some of our products, but he seems that he isn’t interested in them, as it has a third-party logo on the key and we don’t have any permission and authority to sell these products, so he’s also afraid selling them in Eropean countries.

He just standed talking with us all the time in our shop, and sometime later, he found himself very tired, and asked me to look for a better place to go on, I asked him and he told me if there’s a coffee house. We just drove to the nearest coffee shop, because we did’t have the products he needed, and couldn’t make products which meet his requirement, we just drinked some coffee…

Nowadays, it’s very easy and convenient to search any supplier on the net, this Polish guy just did as this, he visited China not only for visiting us only, but also tried to visit other manufacture or supplier, when we were talking and drinking in the coffee house, one of his supplier from Yiwu City called him and told him to pick him up here. And not long before that, they really came and picked up him away… ….

We didn’t contact each other from then on.

To be contined… Thanks…

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