Some other photos of my customer (2)

Let me continue my topic of Some other phtos of my customer (1), the black man which I want to introduce to all of my readers in this blog entry is my Sudan customer, he’s the only customer from Africa except Ismail from Egypt.

He’s probably the easiest customer I knew during the last year, he contacted with me  himself actively. And when he contacted with me, he was already in Guangzhou, I remembered he called me that day when I was in Taizhou Cyber Park,  he told he will visit us and buy some products on the phone. And I told him how to come here by Air, and he bought a airline ticket and arrived at the nearest Huangyan Airport the other day. And we drove to pick him up to our shop.

He is very easygoing, mild-mannered, and amiable, always keep smiling, and I like to deal with such a person. Sudan is a developing country like our China, so we gave him our best prices. I noticed he had a iPhone-like mobile, and I asked him if it’s an iPhone, he told me it’s made in China. And I realized for the first time the high-speed development of China in the recent 20 years, most of our products were exported to so many countries.

He’s Muslim,  so I took him to a small Muslim restaurant nearby, I only knew this restaurant call Home of China Salar, the Salar is a minority nationality in Northwest China’s Gansu province and what’s the most important is they’re Muslim too. He likes eating fish, but no fish in that restaurant, only some sheepmeat and beef, I didn’t know he likes these dishes or not, but he said it’s delicious.

Later after lunch, we sent him to the airport and he contacted me again when he was back to Sudan, but we didn’t do any business after that.

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