Some photos of my customers and I

This photo was taken at the very beginning of this year during January 2008, these 3 guys are from Turkey, and they visited here together with his Turkish friends who’s long stayed in Yiwu City for business. He’s not in this photo because he speaks very fluent Madarin Chinese, when we were taking this photo he was out side and wasn’t together with these 3 guys.

While, let me explain something first to your guys, in this photo, the person at the first row is my boss, and the very left one at the second row is the other two Turish guys’ boss. But the one I said who speaks Chinese very skillfully is not in the photo.

I’ve forgotten how I contacted with them, indeed, I really forgot, and I just know they visited us once upon a time and bought something from us, and it’s so strange that although I remembered vaguely we exchanged business cards, but it seems that we lost in contact with them after their back to Turkey…

While these two guys in this photo visited us almost the same time with the 3 guys I introduced to you above. And tell you what, the truth is, these Turkish guys waited here in the afternoon, and the two Australian guys visited here the next day morning.

Tell you another truth, these two Australian customers came to China not for visting us only, and in fact, they visited another company which does the same business with me. And I got to kow these Australian guys on, and we talked on Skype and persuaded and invited him to visit us. And they just did finally.

Just as soon as we drove and sent him to their Hotel, his supplier (another company here in Taizhou doing same business with us as I told above) arrived at sent them to the nearest airport. He told me when he was back to Austrailia…

Oh, it reminds me of somthing, the girl at the first row in the photo is another staff here, and the man at the very first at the second row is my boss, and the two men between my boss and myself are the Australian guests. Oh, I reminded something more when I wasy typing just now, the left foreigner at the second row is from New Zealand, and the right one is from Australia, they do some business together.

Hnn, I also recalled the awesome girl at the first row, she’s working in another company then but also worked here as a part time job. We didn’t work together, never! Just did some trading for a same company,  at very first when she joined in us, she impressed me a lot, because she knew little about foreign trade, she just asked, and asked, and asked me a lot, almost everything she had to ask me, and I felt that she couldn’t even solve any trading problems herself, and… she couldn’t even make some price lists or catalog herself, and asked me for help for times, and at last, I had to make some changes of my own price lists with her name and contact information.

And what’s more, much more is that: She’s such a sly and astute woman, she even asked me where I found my currently customers, I was so stupid at that period of time, and just told her everything that I knew without any hesitate, I added her contact information on our company website (I was responsible for adding products information and renewing our website), and also set up a sub-account for her at our online B2B market service website, and shared my customer resources……

Hmmm, the more I thought about this, the more I felt myself was so stupid, because I got to know later after her leaving of our company (exactly speaking, she was driven away from our company because of her greedy characteristics, her salary must be calculated very very carefully to be exactly the same as how much money she calculated herself, even 1 RMB, and she had a poor sales record), I got to know that she was cooperated with another girl, although she wasn’t working here, but she got a lot my my customer, and she contact with them herself, any told another of her girl-friend to buy products from us and sold.

Not only this, she onced called me to give her all my customers, and asked me to “cooperate” with her, she just told me how much money she could earn each time (she bought from us and then sell it for a very high price you can’t even imagine. She and her friend also Obtained money on false pretences, one of my former customer once called me she didn’t send goods to him after got his payment.

it’s truth, this Austrailian customer sent me one of the PI copy she sent to him, and at the bottom of this PI, I saw our company name but with her friend’s telephone number and other contact information. Shit, they did business in name of our company. No, this is not business, it’s fraud, they fraud this Australian man more than 10,000 RMB….

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