Some web 2.0 sites I like Viewzi is one of the best search engines that I’ve ever seen. Viewzi brings your favorite stuff together in one place in a new and highly visual way! When you searh on Viewzi, it mixes Google and Yahoo’s best searching results and display it in pictures.

When I search with my name “Charles Peng” with “Web Screenshot View”, my old English blog screenshot was display at front of my eyes in seconds. You can also view the search results in other views… Thesixtyone is a music community, it makes music culture more democratic: artists upload their work for review, but, rather than allow a stuffy suit in a boardroom to decide what’s good, thousands of listeners do. The best music automagically bubbles up on our homepage where you can listen to the most popular songs for any genre. It’s a quick way to find new music for your iPod powered by pure excitement as opposed to some contrived marketing budget.

I like listening English music here as music bubbled up on tops are really wonderful. My profile page is Songza is a music search engine in my view, it is the single best place to search for and listen to music on the Web. Find a song and listen immediately, in one place.

You can listen any music seached on Songza, but you can’t download them… Stitcher enables you to hear the audio content you care about. They “stitch” it into personalized, always-current stations that you can easily listen to on your iPhone or computer.

It’s useful if you want to practice your listening skills or English level, so it just meets my requirements to listen to native English.

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